Julie Turgeon
I grew up between two places that could not have been more different from each other: the 70s-era tract home suburbs of Chicago and a rural village in southern Belgium––once part of an archipelago of bustling mining communities, but today a sleepy post-industrial hamlet. Navigating between homes fueled my interest in the processes and policies informing their development. This curiosity led me to study art and architectural history at the University of California, Berkeley, then to the Yale School of Architecture, where I became enamored with the design process. I love to transform nebulous ideas into concrete plans, and believe in design as a way to challenge the status quo. I am passionate about solving complex problems at the intersection of society and technology.

You’re likely to spot me museum-hopping, devouring a book, on a hike, or trying to beat my NYT crossword solve time record (currently: 3m 54s). 

Currently based in: 
Chicago, IL
Berkeley, CA
San Francisco, CA
New Haven, CT
Tretten, Norway
︎ New York, NY